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Opening a new branch at Uttara Dhaka, Sector 12 »»»»»»» Dear Customer, Take our good wish. We are very glad to inform you that to meet the growing demand for HOME LAUNDRY SERVICE, we have decided to extend our business by opening a new branch @ House# 01, Road 18, Sector# 12, Near the City Bank, Uttara Dhaka 1230, ONLINE LAUNDRY SHOP with ONLINE ORDER & PICK UP. Everyone needs clean clothes and linens; they are a basic necessity to life. So we bring laundry services to your community. Laundry is all we do. Our simple procedure for Online Laundry service ✓ Just Call To Order. ✓ We Collect your Clothes. ✓ We Clean your Clothes. ✓ We carefully Deliver your Clothes Remember our telephone number is +88 01755708090, mail at and our web address is You are most welcome to take professional Laundry service to our ONLINE LAUNDRY SHOP and we are committed to your complete satisfaction.


Today, Many people are hesitant to take their clothes to local Laundromats or dhobis because they fear that optimal care and hygiene may not be maintained and that their clothes may either get discolored, torn or misplaced. Haggling with dhobis over their ever changing prices is another pain.

Everyone has a penchant for expensive clothes, with exquisite designs and fabric, that makes them stand apart. Why should you then settle even for the second best when it comes to laundering them?


WASHBD is online based laundry service that aims at providing high quality laundry services coupled with customized experience and express delivery. “We use Latest technology machines and internationally standardized chemicals for quality cleaning. With an added feature of online ordering and pick-up and delivery within short time, we expect to reach every household in city” We provide washing, dry cleaning, press ironing and other value added services in city to make your life free of laundry hassles. Our staff consists of experts who have huge experience and knowledge of different types of fabrics and garments and know how to treat them. We ensure that we find a smile on your face with every service that we provide.


The mission of the WASHBD limited is “to provide the best quality services and behavior with the customers and deliver it timely”


Vision of WASHBD limited is to meet with clients individually for providing better services within affordable price; and online order, doorstep delivery service to ensure sustainable and significant growth of productivity and sales.

Organizational Chart (General and Administration)

Environmental Policy

WASHBD is committed to maintain the laws, regulations, and other policy mechanisms concerning environmental issues. WASHBD’S policy is very mush communicated to all employees, stakeholders and customers as a commitment to improve environmental sustainability over time.

Code of conduct

Employees of WASHBD limited have some obligation to know and understand not only the guidance contained in the code, but also the spirit on which they are based on. Knowing and understanding are not enough for Employees. They also have an obligation to comply with the letter and spirit of the Code and to help others to do the same. This Code addresses the following areas:
• Company Mission
• Ethical Standards
• Compliance with law & regulations
• Relationship with and responsibility to Company
• Relationship with and responsibility to customers
• Protection of business assets and information
• Respecting others
• Misconduct
• Insider trading
• Control


Frequently Asked Questions!

What does Washbd do?
Washbd is an automated Dry-cleaning & laundry service provider.
How do I contact support?
Have questions, compliments, or just have a thing for speaking to humans? Feel free to email or contact us directly at +8804475-444 123
How much does Washbd cost?
We offer market standard pricing.
Can Washbd hang/line dry or hand wash my clothing?
No, we cannot hang dry or hand wash garments at this time. Some of these items; however, can be processed with extreme care by drying them on the lowest setting. Let us know if any such items are included in your order, and we’ll see what we can do!
But where do you actually take my clothes?
We have separate Washbd facilities for Wash & Fold and Dry Cleaning which is why we ask that you separate your clothing. We ensure that all of our facilities across the country meet the strictest industry standards in taking care of your clothing.
What is Wash & Fold?
This is best for all dryer safe clothing. Your clothing will be washed, dried, and then returned folded.
What is Dry Cleaning and how will I know if an item is meant to be dry cleaned?
Dry cleaning refers to a cleaning process involving chemical solvents. You should dry clean items made of delicate fabrics (silk, wool, etc) or items that can’t withstand the rumble and tumble of a typical washing machine or dryer.

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